We offer a range of subscriptions which suit both new and experienced traders.
Please see below for more details on what each has to offer.

Experience Our Free Signals

For those who wish to get a feel of the market analysis and signals we provide, ConsortiumZ has a free telegram group where you can gain expert analysis and signals for no cost whatsoever. Click here to join to improve your trading today.

Premium Signals

For those who want more in depth analysis, more frequent and live trades, and more contact with our analysts, sign up to one of our premium services today!

Platinum Package

The ConsortiumZ annual subsciption package allows you to access all the benefits which our premium members receive but it also includes 2 months free on us!


To ensure success with our signals, please follow the trades according to given directions.

  1. Make sure to enter at the specified price if a limit order is given, and don’t chase the market if you have missed a current market price order as this will increase your risk.
  2. Having proper risk management is the key to long term success in cryptocurrency. Always make sure to use the stop-losses provided.
  3. To ensure you don’t miss potential profit and instead make a loss, remember to set take profit (TP) targets as these will be set before possible points of reversal. For standard trades we recommend TP1= 50%, TP2 = 20%, TP3 = 20%, with the remaining 10% as a ‘moonbag’
  4. We recommend that only 1% of capital is used per trade until you feel confident enough in your risk management.
  5. Make sure to have notifications on so you don’t miss current market price orders and market updates!
  6. Our job is to help you consistently win and succeed in cryptocurrency trading. Make sure to follow the simple rules listed for proper risk management and profit maximisation. In this short video, we show how to set entries, take profits, and stop losses on Binance.

A Few Simple Tips To Succeed In Crypto?

Our job is to help you consistently win and succeed in cryptocurrency trading. Make sure to follow the simple rules listed for proper risk management and profit maximisation. In this short video, we show how to set entries, take profits, and stop losses on Binance.

ConsortiumZ Analysts Dedicated

A dedicated team of cryptocurrency specialists.

Crypto Investors

  • We cover all time zones.
  • Multiple analysts covering all sectors.
  • Experts in Cryptocurrency trading and analysis.

Multiple Exchanges

  • Not exclusively affiliated to a single exchange.
  • Multiple exchanges covered.
  • A diverse range of signals.

We Share Our Trades

  • Our analysts do this for a living.
  • Multiple analysts equals more variety.
  • Make more money with risk analysed trades.

No long term contracts

  • Rolling monthly contract.
  • Cancel at anytime.
  • Try before you buy.

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Trade Anytime Anywhere APP

The wide geographical spread of our traders and analysts ensures that signals will be provided throughout the day. Never miss a signal by having a reliable exchange ready to use on your mobile.


We recommend using binance for the vast majority of our signals:

  • Easy to use Interface.
  • Extraordinary Cyber Security.
  • Brilliant Speed.
  • Supports the most Crypto Currencies.
  • Lowest Transactional Fees.
  • The Best P2P Platform.
  • Supports Transactions Fiat-to-Crypto and the other way around.
  • Binance ICO and BNB Coins.
  • Most Recommended Crypto Wallet.


Frequently asked questions FAQS

You can find answers to the most common questions we receive below.

Cryptocurrency signals are ideas on where to buy/sell/short a coin/token. All our signals have been carefully selected based on current market conditions and expert analysis. As well as our signals containing where to enter a trade, they also provide recommendations on where to set take profit and stop losses to ensure proper risk management.

Step #1: Open an account on an exchange and deposit some funds. Step #2: Join our Telegram group and follow our signals using the guide “How it Works” further up the page . Step #3: Make sure to keep a close eye on the telegram group for any updates on trades/market sentiment. Our groups are friendly, so feel free to ask any questions! Step #4: Always ensure you are following the risk management strategies included in our signals and as detailed in “How it Works”.

Our free group is merely meant as an introduction to signals and analysis provided by our team. Our premium groups offer more detailed analysis/market sentiment, higher quality signals, and more chart/analysis requests.

We would never recommend that you should invest more than you are willing to lose. Out of the amount you do decide to trade with, we recommend that you only use 1% of said capital until you feel confident in your trading capabilities and risk management skills.

Start off using an exchange like Binance as they supply you with an exchange wallet. If you are investing large sums of money or have made substantial profits which you won’t be reinvesting, consider moving your funds to cold-storage to improve the safety of your funds.

Trading is the passion of our traders, they live, breathe, and love cryptocurrency trading. We will share new projects and coins when we believe in them. The only sure-fire way to become a successful crypto trader is to do your own research (DYOR) and get to know the market. Remember that our premium groups also contain a far greater and a higher quality research compared to that within our free group.

It varies, but it can be short if a coin moves quickly and all TP (take profit points) are hit, but normally anywhere between 30 mins to 24 hours depending on market conditions, BTC volatility, and the specific coin in question.

We have payment gateway for credit card. Crypto payments are currently only available through direct contact with one of our admins. We have plans to introduce an automatic cryptocurrency payment option in the future so keep your eyes peeled!

Contact ConsortiumZ CONTACT

If you have any questions reach out to us either via email or the telegram group and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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